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HIPAA is an important federal law dealing with patient privacy and security of protected health information.


HIPAA is a Federal patient privacy law, enacted in 1996, called the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act or “HIPAA” which requires that a patient’s protected health information is kept confidential. Protected Health Information is also called “PHI”.

Why is Privacy Important? 


Patients, or in the case of TrustedRide-Certified, clients receiving non-emergency medical chaperone services, expect and deserve privacy and Federal and State laws require that all patient information is kept private. There are fines and criminal penalties for organizations and individuals who violate these laws. 

Who is Required to Follow HIPAA? 

  • All Health Staff at medical facilities

  • All Medical Staff

  • Students /Interns

  • Volunteers/TRC Chaperones 

  • Other business associates that are working with medical facilities sharing patient information



What does HIPAA mean for a TRC Chaperones?

As a TRC Chaperone, you will hear, see, and possibly read protected health information (PHI) in which diagnosis, demographic and family information, and care issues are detailed. This information needs to stay with you as a TRC Chaperone. It is not to be shared with anyone else; this means your family, friends, and even other volunteers.


This also applies to posting content and/or pictures on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) as a TRC Chaperone. There may be time when a medical provider or staff from your TRC sponsoring agency may post about amazing TRC Chaperone/client interactions, but that is only after seeking permission, and receiving written consent from each individual involved.

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