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TRC Chaperone Training

Course Overview

TrustedRide-Certified Services

Procedures for following CDC and Health Departments

Safety First

Transportation Provider

Online Scheduling

Preparing for your TRC Role

In Case of Medical Concerns


Well-being of your Client

Mandated Reporting

Service Animals

Medical Training

Mental Health First Aid

Online Certification Quiz

Difficult Situations


As a TRC Chaperone, you should never introduce a sexually-oriented topic in conversation. If your client begins to go down that road, be clear that the topic is an uncomfortable one for you and your preference is to find another topic to discuss.  Any persistence on the part of the client should be reported to the staff at your TRC sponsoring agency.

Depending on the physical condition and physical abilities of your client, you may need to come in physical contact.  Always announce your intention. As this training has stressed, any assistance should be with the permission from the client, particularly where physical contact is concerned.  

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