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(TRC) Services

TRC Chaperones provide an essential community service, bridging a critical gap in current transportation services available to vulnerable people.


TRC Chaperones are booked in advance and on-demand by TRC staff working with healthcare providers, sparing the concern and giving peace of mind for the patient’s ride home, and an important alternative to the need to rely on family, friends or neighbors for a ride to and from appointments.


TRC Chaperones provide the “responsible adult” for discharge required by government and private insurance.


As a TRC Chaperone, you offer clients safety and security in trips to and from medical procedures, doctor’s office visits and other essential services.


TrustedRide Certified Chaperones provide:

  • Door-to-door service to and from doctors’ appointments, medical procedures, and other essential services;

  • Outreach calls to patients to help facilitate scheduling a secure ride to or from appointments;

  • A reminder call for an upcoming appointment;

  • Conversation with patients how they are feeling upon arrival at the door, and will report a situation that needs immediate action to appropriate support for assistance in a time period often quicker than a post-procedure check-in call from a nurse;

  • Phone check-ins with patients hours and day after trip home;

  • Additional wellness checks for individuals who may have recently been ill, had a medical procedure, or feel disconnected from family, friends and neighbors.


Throughout COVID-19, TRC Chaperones made every effort to continue providing services with vital engagement in their community. TRC “Virtual“ provided services by phone - with a number of call contact points with the client throughout the Chaperone process – both while a client is at home and while a client is in transit to and from the appointment or procedure.


TRC will continue to use a combination of “In-Person” and “Virtual” Chaperones” in circumstances in which, for medical or community health reasons those options become more helpful to:

  • Provide wellness checks for individuals who may have recently been ill, had a medical procedure, or feel disconnected from family, friends and neighbors;

  • Schedule a medical appointment and/or transportation for an appointment;

  • Provide a reminder for an upcoming medical appointment, etc.

TRC Chaperone Training

Course Overview

TrustedRide-Certified Services

Procedures for following CDC and Health Departments

Safety First

Transportation Provider

Online Scheduling

Preparing for your TRC Role

In Case of Medical Concerns


Well-being of your Client

Mandated Reporting

Service Animals

Medical Training

Mental Health First Aid

Online Certification Quiz

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