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Door-Through-Door Assistance Made Easy

About TrustedRide-Certified

Every day in America, countless older individuals and adults with disabilities depend on their family, friends, and neighbors to drive them to doctor appointments, grocery stores, and just about anywhere.  At the same time, millions of their peers who might not have such access to a ride remain at home risking the need for acute care by forgoing needed exams and procedures, despite the stream of transportation services available on an on-call basis in nearly every community in the country – rideshare, a commonplace part of the mobility of younger members of the community.


The rise of rideshare services has made curb-to-curb transportation services more plentiful and affordable.  For many, however, curb-to-curb leaves a gap in service. TrustedRide-Certified closes that gap and, consequently, makes rideshare services, volunteer drivers, and other existing transportation options available to populations who today are not able to access those services. TRC Chaperones provide door-to-door convenience to and from doctor's appointments and medical procedures -- in a way not previously available -- ensuring the safety, security, and comfort of the patients every step of the way.

For patients of clinic procedures and same-day surgery: Protocols in place to protect patients and mitigate liability require those being discharged from medical facilities to be discharged to the company of a responsible adult for their ride home. While a solo driver may occasionally serve the purpose (most facilities will not allow a patient to leave unescorted to a waiting taxi or rideshare), TrustedRide-Certified goes the extra length to close the gap, turning curb-to-curb service into door-to-door service.

For seniors: Older individuals are often reluctant to seek out a ride not backed by a larger corporate or government entity. Getting into a stranger’s car can be discomforting. Smartphones and the use of an “app” can be an obstacle to travel.

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TrustedRide: A New Approach to Providing Transportation Assistance

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