Patient Ready

For Discharge

When patient is ready to be discharged, ASC front desk selects TRC Chaperoned Ride button on Ride Share Health Dashboard.


Rideshare App automatically transmits patient’s name and pickup and destination addresses to TRC Control System, which notifies Chaperone that patient is Ready.

Chaperone Greets Patient

Chaperone greets patient in the ASC waiting area.


Chaperone requests a ride using TRC Mobile App.

Door-to-Door Service​

Ride #1

Chaperone escorts patient to the waiting car.


Chaperone accompanies patient on ride home and ensures their safe exit from the car.


Chaperone delivers patient safely home to their door.

Return to Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC)

Ride #2

Chaperone returns to the car for ride back to ASC or their home, if end of the day.

Unified e-Invoicing & Payment

Monthly, TRC transmits Unified e-Invoice to ASC, detailing Ride Share and TRC Chaperone charges for each ride, and total owed to each. ASC separately pays RIde Share Company and TRC.

Rideshare booking process for multiple stops:

UBER (you will need to have the Uber app installed on your smart phone – either Android or iOS)

1. Open the rideshare app and tap the “Where To?” box

2. Tap “+” to add multiple stops. Add up to two additional stops

3. Tap “Done” to continue


LYFT (you will need to have the Lyft app installed on your smart phone – either Android or iOS) If you’re in a standard Lyft, XL, Lux, Lux Black, or Lux Black XL, you can easily add more than one stop to your ride. Once you’ve selected your ride type and pickup location:


1. Simply enter the first destination in the destination field.

2. Click on the ‘+’ to the right of your destination

3. Another ‘Add destination’ field will popup below your first stop.

4. Enter your next destination the same way you would the first.

5. Once destinations have been entered, you’re ready to ride! Just tap ‘Request Lyft’.


Once your request has been accepted. Just inform your driver about this to give them a heads up.

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