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TRC Chaperone Training

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Procedures for following CDC and Health Departments

Safety First

Transportation Provider

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Preparing for your TRC Role

In Case of Medical Concerns


Well-being of your Client

Mandated Reporting

Service Animals

Medical Training

Mental Health First Aid

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Transportation Services: RideShare

  • Be on time: some services charge a penalty for late availability when they arrive for pick up.  Plan ahead, especially with clients that you don’t know well, to ensure plenty of prep time.

  • Identify you and your client: your TRC vest and badge will help identify you to the client.

  • Positive identification of your driver: make sure that the information about vehicle type and driver description are a match before entering the vehicle.

  • Who gets the door: you, as TRC Chaperone, will open and close the door for the client.

  • Where to sit: enter away from traffic, if possible.  If your client has a physical impairment, seat the client first and then, being aware of traffic, enter the vehicle by the other door. Sit next to the client. (If COVID-19 guidance or other local health department or guidance applies, consider sitting in the backseat or driving a vehicle immediately behind the client if necessary.)

  • Route: the driver will likely use GPS to find a route, but if you have concerns about the directions, say something.

  • Leave the vehicle the way you found it: check for all belongings and remove any trash as you leave.

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