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TRC Chaperone Training

Course Overview

Program Administration

Rideshare Etiquette

Preparing Mentally

Words Matter

Assistive Devices

Service Animals

Meeting the Client

Visible and Hidden Disabilities

In Case of Medical Concerns

Difficult Situations

Well-being of Your Client

COVID-19 Protocol

Medical Training

Online Certification Quiz

Customer Service Ethic

Senior Man

Is the customer always right? We know this is not the case, but as service providers, we are called on to stretch our limits of acceptance and understanding. Seek resolution of any disagreement, starting with accepting the complaint or disagreement as valid. It may not seem so from our perspective, but the client will appreciate the validation. Put yourself in the other person’s shoes. If you find resolution is not possible, politely refer the person to the organization with name and contact information for the appropriate person to handle the situation.

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