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TRC Chaperone Training

Course Overview

Program Administration

Rideshare Etiquette

Preparing Mentally

Words Matter

Assistive Devices

Service Animals

Meeting the client

Visible and Hidden Disabilities

In Case of Medical Concerns

Difficult Situations

Well-being of your client

COVID-19 Protocol

Medical Training

Online Certification Quiz

Preparing Mentally

Before every worthwhile task a certain amount of preparation is necessary. These can be of a physical nature or an emotional one. There are usually things that must be gathered together, but there is also a professional attitude that must be “put on” prior to engaging in important tasks such as the accompanying of a potentially emotionally or physically fragile person.

The next few slides include information on how to prepare before trips; mentally and physically. This includes attitude, controlling emotions, familiarity with the client and itinerary, and customer service ethic.

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