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Rideshare Etiquette

Your interest in being a chaperone for a client of TrustedRide – Certified is providing a much-needed service, enriching the lives of those you serve and, hopefully, enriching your life as well! Since we primarily use recognized ride-hailing services such as Lyft and Uber, there are some considerations when ordering and riding with these services which will make your and the client’s trip more enjoyable.

  • Be on time: some services charge a penalty for late availability when they arrive to pick you up. Make the order for the ride when you are ready to go.

  • Identifying you and your client: if you feel there is a need to distinguish you and the client from others in the vicinity, text the driver with the needed information.

  • Driver contact: keep additional contact to a minimum. Unnecessary texts are a distraction and can be dangerous for the driver. Additionally, you would appreciate it if your driver paid complete attention to driving while you are a passenger!

  • Positive identification of your driver: make sure the information about vehicle type and driver description are a match before entering the vehicle.

  • Who gets the door: you as chaperone will open and close the door for the patient.

  • Where do we sit: enter away from traffic, if possible. Sit in the back seat. Since you will be accompanying a client, have them enter first and slide over if they are able. If your client has a physical impairment, seat the client first, and then, being aware of traffic, enter the vehicle by the other door.

  • Which way do we go: likely, the driver will use GPS to find a route, but if you are uncomfortable with the direction taken, say something.

  • Leave the vehicle the way you found it: check for all belongings and remove any trash as you leave.

  • Feedback: if there is an opportunity to rate your driver, do so honestly.

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