TRC Chaperone Training

Course Overview

Program Administration

Rideshare Etiquette

Preparing Mentally

Words Matter

Assistive Devices

Dealing Sensitively

Service Animals

Meeting the client

Visible and Hidden Disabilities

Bloodborne Pathogens

Difficult Situations

Well-being of your client

Program Administration


TrustedRide – Certified (TRC) trips will be scheduled from a doctor’s office or clinic to the client’s home or other designated destination. The clinic will contact TRC with a request for service. The TRC system will contact and confirm you as a chaperone and you will schedule the trip – pick-up at the clinic plus return. This is a two-stop booking with the ride-hailing service. See instructions below for details.


Your rides will be tracked by TRC Administration. You may call xxx-xxx-xxxx for assistance at any time during your ride.


You may opt for a free ride to "work" by rideshare and a free ride home at the end of your last assignment (the second stop in your final ride in a shift). You will receive instructions from Administration on how to bill TRC for these rides.

TRC Administration during the COVID-19 Pandemic

While the original proposed structure would assign a TRC chaperone to accompany a discharged patient for the ride home (or TO a healthcare appointment), we have devised at least one alternative structure which complies with CDC guidance on social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic. The structure proposes a team to provide chaperone support to a client (older person, adult with disabilities, or their caregivers) based on an individual needs assessment.


Upon discharge from a day procedure, a TRC Chaperone will meet the patient immediately outside the medical facility, and escort them (from a 6’+ distance) and ensure their safe entry into the vehicle, providing the patient with appropriate PPE and assistive information. At the point of departure, the patient’s trip coverage would be handed off to a TRC Virtual Chaperone who would monitor their progress, maintaining telephone contact if desired, and meet them at the curb outside their arrival location, escorting them safely to the threshold of their destination. Upon the safe delivery of a client, the TRC Virtual Chaperone will have the option of reinstating their availability for another assignment.

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