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TRC Chaperone Training

Course Overview

Program Administration

Rideshare Etiquette

Preparing Mentally

Assistive Devices

Service Animals

Meeting the Client

Visible and Hidden Disabilities

In Case of Medical Concerns

Difficult Situations

Well-being of Your Client

COVID-19 Protocol

Medical Training

Online Certification Quiz

Course Overview

Welcome to TrustedRide-Certified™ Chaperone Certification!

Please review the following slides carefully before completing your online certification exam.

Assisting the Elder

The topics and the subject matter within them can apply to how we deal with patients in general – with or without a disability. In some cases, the person will be temporarily limited in abilities due to surgery and recovery. The person may be of advanced age and frail. In all cases, courtesy, a positive attitude and a desire to serve the client are paramount in the performance of your responsibilities.

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