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COVID-19 Health Protocol

In light of the current public health crisis, TRC has implemented the following health requirements for chaperones, drivers, and passengers based on CDC recommendations and public health research.

Wear a face covering

All persons in the car and chaperones interacting with patients will be required to wear a mask or other face covering at all times. TRC chaperones will be issued custom and CDC approved face masks. Masks must be worn for the duration of the ride and patient interaction. Please remember to sanitize your hands before and after putting on or touching your mask.

Clean the car before the ride

TRC chaperones will be issued essential cleaning supplies and undergo sanitary specific training so to ensure the car is as clean as possible before the ride begins. They will also be issued hand sanitizer to make sure their and the patient's hands are clean.

Temperature taken before the ride

Prior to their first ride of the day, the TRC chaperone will have their temperature taken and patients will follow all hospital protocols. According to the CDC 83-99% of infected patients develop a fever.

Keep windows down during the ride

To increase air circulation during the ride, when possible, the chaperone will be instructed to  keep the windows down.

Follow and Enforce All Rideshare Service Health Mandates

As a service functioning in conjunction with prominent rideshare companies, our chaperones will be trained to fully understand and enforce the health and safety guidelines put forth by the rideshare firms. 


Please read about the measures Uber and Lyft have put in place to combat the Coronavirus pandemic.

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