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Well-being of Your Client

As a chaperone, you may be in a unique

position to assess living conditions and the

personal hygiene of your client. The purpose

of this segment is to help make a distinction

between poor personal health habits and

declining health and abilities.

If your client is not a “repeat customer”, your

opportunities for assessment and possible help

are limited. If you are meeting them at their

residence, a poorly maintained yard may be a

factor of personality, or it may be an indicator of declining abilities. If the living conditions seem to be obviously unhealthy, a mention to your administrative personnel would be advised. Unkempt dress and personal hygiene are not on their face indicators of poor living conditions, but declines viewed over time should be noted and shared with administrative personnel.

If it becomes obvious to you that your client is in decline with regards to daily duties of home maintenance, responsibilities, health or basic hygiene, the Health and Human Services organization in your community may be able to assist in evaluation and help. This is not yours to do, but it is your responsibility to let someone know – perhaps a relative if you are in contact – that some assistance may be needed. You may want to take notice of as you assist your client.


Observations over time:

  • Dress – has a once-neat person become slovenly in their dress habits?

  • Odors – has it become apparent that your client no longer maintains good personal hygiene?

  • Living conditions – yard and house – have the house and yard gone from well taken care of to poorly maintained?

  • Changes in physical and/or mental ability – does your client mention daily tasks that can no longer be accomplished?

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Well-being of Your Client

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